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Since 1977, our hallmark has been to exceed customers expectations!
We deliver only the finest quality ingredients and products with a level of service that you will only come to expect from Food Authority.
For over four decades, our family-owned-and-operated company and its employees stands by our core mission 24/7/365. Our state-of-the-art facilities located in three states serves the East Coast from Virginia to Maine with more than 350,000-square-feet of operating space.
Our team of highly-skilled and dedicated employees, aided by a modern fleet of refrigerated trucks, work tirelessly to deliver the freshest produce and a vast array grocery items, with the courteous and responsive service you would come to expect from a top-tier service provider. Food Authori-
ty continues to remain at the forefront of our industry by always putting our customers鈥檔eeds first.
At Food Authority, freshness and safety is our primary objec- tive. That鈥檚 why we utilize a full spectrum of technology that tracksInbound,outboundandputaway.Certifiedby the Safe Quality Food Institute, the single most trusted source for global food safety and quality certification.

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